"Jo tikai kopā mēs varam augt un stipri kļūt!"

Šogad 28.novembrī pulcējāmies kopā - PHB darba komanda ("Čārlija eņģeļi":) ), atbalstītāji, ziedotāji, sadarbības partneri un draugi - lai gada nogalē atskatītos uz brīnumjaukajām lietām, ko kopā esam paveikuši un teiktu paldies visiem atbalstītājiem.

Īpašu paldies no visas PHB komandas sakām restorānam Vairāk Saules par viesmīlīgo uzņemšanu un veiksmīgo sadarbrību!

PHB valdes priekšsēdētāja Ieva Plūme un Zane Lazdiņa pasniedz īpašo eņģeli Dr.Andrim Skridem.

Zane Lazdiņa kopā ar "Vairāk Saules!" šefpavāru Endiju Bērziņu pagatavoja lielisku desertu.


Paldies par to, ka esat!

In 2014 September, when PHB Latvia chairman of the board Ieva Plume and member of the board Liva Brizga took part in General Annual Meeting of PHA Europe, Ieva received „PHA Europe Memory Award 2014” for PH awareness in Latvia and saving patients lives. PHB also received EUR 5000 for organizations for further development and a chance to develop and build team.

In 15 – 16 November at seaside guest house „Siroko” six active ladies – Zane, Liva, Marta, Ieva, Anda, Lina – gathered to paint the vision of the future, to get to know each other, acknowledge resources, cooperate. And so – trough seriousness, laughs and evening talks – our Superteam was created as an investment in future development.

Our valuable experience with pasta – marshmallow tower will definitely be used in every-day work, because we can do more :)

“Zoom-in, zoom-out” – sometimes we need to see the whole picture to discover the problem and seek for solutions. Communication, listening skills, perception, interests, logical sequence and action.

After well done job, walk to seaside to smell the autumn sea and do some exercises.

Got to know each other, set priorities, acknowledged the resources, aims, sheared ideas, experience, discussed and most important – made our team Manadala.

Huge thanks to Dace Meiere for these two wonderful days from all team!

Positive, open inner environment, strong impulses for further development and cooperation! Believe in our team strength!





Take a part in #SelfieforPH awareness campaign.

Hold your breath, take a selfie and post!

In Latvia we have 85 pulmonary artherial hypertension patients who need pulse oximeters. Oximetry is a procedure used to measure the oxygen level - or oxygen saturation - in the blood.

In order to help patients in Latvia to control their own health we need 4000 EUR!

Please donate! We value every euro!

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 PHA Latvia realized the project "Health promoting skills for people with rare disease" with support of JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" and Charity Fund "Ziedot" at the Health camp 2014.  The project brought together 36 people: adults and children.  Here are some photos from our Health camp:


Seko mums

World Pulmonary Hypertension Day






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